Drug Abuse Intervention Q&A

Drug abuse intervention is not an easy thing. Neither is watching someone you love deteriorate due to drug abuse. Thus, it is important to understand what the options are for recovery. While each addict must make that final decision on their […] Continue Reading

Alcohol Detox: Options to Consider

If you are in need of an alcohol detox, you are not alone. Alcoholism is a common problem and it tends to sneak up on people. Most people start with having a drink or two with friends, never thinking it […] Continue Reading

How to Visit a Drug Rehabilitation Center and Keep Your Privacy

It is common for addicts to avoid a drug rehabilitation center for fear of exposer to the greater community. Functioning addicts who have not been ordered to attend rehabilitation often try to control things on their own to prevent being […] Continue Reading

How to Find Drug Addiction Counseling That’s the Right Fit

Drug addiction counseling is a highly personal experience that deals with the serious matter of addiction. Attempting to receive help can be intimidating, embarrassing and may create its own set of anxieties. When these negative thoughts and feelings are present, […] Continue Reading

Visit a Substance Abuse Doctor After an Accident or Surgery Has Created an Addiction

People may not realize that prescription pain medication is just as addictive as any other drug. In fact, following an accident or surgery, people may find it difficult to cease taking the prescription medication once the pain is no longer […] Continue Reading

Drug Addiction Treatment for Moms

Few people think of moms when considering drug use. However, as a provider of drug addiction treatment, we understand that many women struggle with drug abuse. What can start out as innocent prescription painkillers can turn into a serious addiction […] Continue Reading

Bring Your Teen to an Addiction Medicine Specialist

It is frighteningly easy for someone to become addicted to painkillers that are over-the-counter or prescription medication. Even teenagers can build a dependence that morphs into an addiction if one does not monitor consumption. Most of these teens begin taking […] Continue Reading

Private Drug Detoxification for Your Future

For anyone struggling with addictive drugs or substances but cannot drastically change their work schedule, we can help with outpatient care. Addiction and substance abuse can ruin one’s life, making a normal workday difficult without the substance. Seeking treatment can […] Continue Reading

Drug Abuse Treatment and the National Landscape of Abuse

In order to fully understand the need for drug abuse treatment, it is important to understand the scale and scope of how drugs are influencing our national landscape. In a recent study, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, NIDA, found […] Continue Reading

Heroin Substance Abuse Treatment Program

When it comes to a substance abuse and treatment, there is a growing need for substance abuse treatment programs that specifically address heroin. Fortunately, over the course of developing substance abuse treatment, there are now a variety of effective treatments […] Continue Reading