New York Buprenorphine Maintenance

Buprenorphine MaintenanceNew York, NY

At our New York, NY practice, our goal is to help our patients regain their quality of life as they regain their sobriety. Sometimes, this requires long-term medical assistance and a substance abuse treatment program to help the body recover from the cellular changes that have been caused by the addictions. There are some situations where taking medication is critical for our patients' health. For example, some benzodiazepine drugs are so sedating, they result in diminished brain activity, which can ultimately result in seizures once the drug is no longer being used. In situations like this, taking medication and starting a substance abuse treatment program is critical for long-term health. As an addiction medicine specialist, Dr. Nathan can prescribe replacement medications to be taken and then decreased gradually so the body can make the necessary adjustments. Keep in mind that our goal, as an addiction medicine practice, is to stabilize you and then develop a plan for tapering off the medication so you can eventually live life without it. To discuss this drug addiction treatment option, we encourage you to call (212) 410-6832 and schedule an appointment for a detox evaluation with our 10022 office.

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What is buprenorphine maintenance drug treatment?

Our buprenorphine maintenance drug management program provides patients with buprenorphine to take as they continue to transition to sobriety. The program typically only lasts for 28 days, during which time refills may be given. However, the recovery of each patient is required to be monitored either by an individual therapist or through group drug abuse treatment recovery sessions.

Who qualifies for buprenorphine maintenance at our drug rehabilitation center?

We only offer maintenance addiction therapy to a small percentage of the patients who received treatment from our New York office. This is because most of our patients are able to experience the successful detoxification they need by going through our 3- and 6-treatment programs. Typically, in order to qualify, you will need to go through one of these programs first, and then if it appears that you need additional care, Dr. Nathan can evaluate this as an option for relapse prevention.

How do I get started on buprenorphine maintenance?

Call (212) 410-6832 and schedule an appointment with Joel Nathan, MD. During your visit to our New York office, he is likely to discuss our 3- and 6-treatment programs with you and then discuss what your long-term treatment options are. If he feels that buprenorphine maintenance is best for you, he will discuss what your individual, long-term treatment program will look like. Also, as a substance abuse doctor, he may recommend that you begin drug addiction counseling to augment the medication you will be taking.

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We can provide you with concierge addiction medicine that can help you transition from a life of drug use to one of sobriety. By offering you the ability to take medication during the detoxification process, we can help eliminate common side effects. We do so through private drug detoxification appointments so you can receive the assistance you need discreetly and in a one-on-one setting. This enables many of our New York patients to receive the medical care they need to stop using drugs or alcohol and regain control. We encourage you to start this new chapter of life by calling and speaking with Dr. Nathan. Additionally, if you are a concerned family member who would like information about drug abuse intervention, we are happy to speak with you about our process.