New York I Think My Loved One Has a Substance Abuse Problem

I Think My Loved One Has a Substance Abuse ProblemNew York, NY

Substance abuse is a much more common problem in the U.S. than people realize. The National Survey of Drug Use and Health finds that in 2015, there was an 81 percent prevalence of alcohol use in participants 12 years of age and older. In the same survey, there was a 49 percent prevalence rate for illicit drug use among participants 12 years of age and older. Without professional treatment, substance abuse can become a full-blown addiction and cause more issues throughout one’s life.

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Not only does substance abuse negatively impact the user’s life, but it also impacts the people in the user’s life. The loved ones of the individual abusing a substance will struggle with the collateral damage from the individual’s behavior due to the substance abuse. It can be difficult for family or friends to catch the signs of substance abuse early on; only discovering the substance abuse issue after the individual has begun to spiral out of control.


There are numerous signs of substance abuse that family members and friends can keep an eye out for on a regular basis. Signs of substance abuse can include actions that seem out of character and changes in one’s behavior. As an individual continues to abuse illicit substances such as drugs or alcohol, the body begins to require more of the substance to feel the same effect as the first use. Eventually, the individual needs a large quantity of the substance to feel any effect and begins the path of substance abuse toward addiction.

A person struggling from substance abuse may spend more free time alone and seem to lose interest in once-loved activities. Family members may notice that the individual becomes more secretive with his or her bedroom and belongings, while also fluctuating between good and bad moods. Substance abuse can even have a negative effect on one’s professional and personal life, including:

  • Frequent tardiness at work
  • Difficulties focusing or other issues at work
  • Missing important appointments
  • Sudden changes in sleep patterns or consistently sleeping at strange hours on a regular basis
  • Suddenly requesting amounts of money from friends and family for odd or sporadic reasons

If you notice these signs or other atypical acts of behavior, then give us a call at 1-212-410-6832. We will be able to offer outpatient treatment options and detox. We can also help give advice on effective methods for intervention. One aspect of outpatient detox and treatment that people struggling with substance abuse may not realize is that the patient does not need to stay at a specific facility overnight. The patient will be able to continue with work and life as is, for the duration of treatment.

Detoxification is only the first step toward recovery from substance abuse. However, natural detox is not easy since the body is now used to the substance. Going cold turkey without professional assistance can be life-threatening than seeking professionally-assisted detox services. The struggle for the individual will only become worse until the substance abuse becomes a full-blown addiction. We can help patients reach a full recovery and begin the path to a healthier future. Call our office for more information at 1-212-410-6832.