Alcohol Detox: Options to Consider

If you are in need of an alcohol detox, you are not alone. Alcoholism is a common problem and it tends to sneak up on people. Most people start with having a drink or two with friends, never thinking it could be an issue. Before long, the occasional drink turns into a nightly one and the two drinks turn into a bottle. It is a slow and steady climb into alcoholism and most people do not realize they are addicted until it is too late.

Even then, it often takes an embarrassing incident or problem for many people to be willing to take steps to address the addiction. If you are in this place and ready to change your life, we can help.

Options for alcohol detox

There are several possible ways to detox from alcohol, including -

Cold turkey

Some people prefer to try and detox on their own. Going cold turkey is completely cutting alcohol out of person's life without help or intervention from therapists or medical professionals. It is simply using willpower to say no to having the next drink. This typically will not work. For one, it is incredibly difficult to have the willpower to stand up to addiction.

Most people cannot do it without support. At a minimum, there needs to be someone to talk to when fighting the urge to give into the addiction.

With support

People who struggle with alcohol addiction, who do not want medical assistance, find that stopping consumption of alcohol is easier with a support structure like Alcoholics Anonymous. Even with this, there are some challenges to detoxing since, without any medical intervention, there will be serious side effects that come from cutting out alcohol.

In-patient facilities

As seen on television movies everywhere, in-patient treatment centers are a place where alcoholics can check themselves in and stay for a month or several while recovering. Detoxing in an environment like this can be easier because there are the safety and camaraderie associated with having other people going through the same thing and medical experts are on-hand to help.

Outpatient treatments

In our clinic, we offer an alcohol detox program that makes it possible to detox comfortably. This is done through the use of medication that is prescribed to help minimize the negative side effects of detoxing. It is so effective that it is possible for patients to return to work and family obligations while going through detox, rather than being stuck in bed. For those needing to keep working to support a family, this is a critical distinction and one of the best aspects of our program.

Additionally, the possibility for embarrassment is eliminated due to how discreet this option is. Without anyone knowing about the detox, there is no need to make the process public. Our option is the best way to remain active in life without suffering from negative symptoms and still reaching a full recovery.

Learn more

To start the process towards a whole life that is free from addiction, schedule an appointment to learn more about alcohol detox from our out-patient clinic.

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