Learn What Happens During a Detox Evaluation

Having a detox evaluation is an important step to take for anyone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. This can be the first step in a person’s recovery.

Learn what to expect during the detox evaluation, so there are no surprises along the way.

The initial assessment

During the beginning of the detox evaluation, a person will go through many steps to find out if they are qualified for a medicated detox. This is completed through a physician that specializes in drug addiction and recovery services. This first consult will not only make the patient feel more comfortable with the process but allows the therapist to get to know the patient and their lifestyle. The assessment is designed to allow patients to:

  • Ask questions
  • Receive information
  • Learn more about a medicated detox
  • Find out about the next steps

Simultaneously, it will enable a physician or counselor to learn more about a patient’s:

  • Goals
  • Prior and current drug use
  • Lifestyle
  • Obligations
  • Concerns
  • Physical, mental and emotional health
  • Prior attempts at detoxing

Medical and mental health evaluations

Full medical and mental health evaluations will be performed during the evaluation. Trained professionals do these intake evaluations.

Medical histories are discussed, including any health conditions, prior surgery, or even the need for diet and exercise.

Mental health evaluations will focus mostly on the past and present mental health status, as well as medications that the person may be taking. These are important for the intake procedure for all patients looking to go through detox.

A treatment plan is created

The detox evaluation is a necessary step for forming the treatment plan. Ultimately, this is what a patient is here to do and find out the best ways to detox from drugs and alcohol. Completing the assessment makes it possible to create a treatment plan that is customized and specific to a patient’s needs, goals, lifestyle, and health.

The plan will be presented to the patient at this time. Questions can be asked and answered, and the next steps discussed.

Detox can begin using medication

Qualified patients can detox with the help of prescription medication. This medication is taken on a set schedule, and it is used to minimize or eliminate the symptoms patients typically feel when they are no longer using drugs. For example, medication may prevent high fevers, feeling dizzy or severe headaches. Taking the medication makes it possible for patients to detox while still going to work and meeting other daily obligations.

Long-term healing is necessary

Healing the patient's body is one step, but treating the mind and soul is another that is equally important. A patient must believe that they can live without the use of drugs or alcohol. For this, therapy can be incredibly valuable, and we recommend it for most patients.

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