Questions Commonly Asked About Drug Abuse Treatment

Do you have questions about  drug abuse treatment and how the process works? If so, we encourage you to schedule a consultation. In the meantime, here are some of the questions we are asked on a regular basis and our answers.

When is the right time to come in?

Anytime is the right time to begin a drug treatment program. From a health perspective, receiving professional treatment for drug addiction is absolutely critical. From a mental and emotional perspective, however, individuals must be ready to take the necessary steps. In order to improve one's life, the individual needs to want to go through treatment.

No one can make this decision for another person. Thus, it is important for every adult to invest in their own recovery.

Can I check someone else into rehab?

Legally, parents have the right to check their children into rehab. If the teen is struggling with substance abuse to any kind of drugs, parents can take the necessary steps to obtain treatment. If the individual is an adult, no one can force the adult into rehab. Instead, the adult will need to go into rehabilitation out of his or her own choice. An intervention can sometimes be effective in persuading someone to seek rehabilitation.

How long will this take?

Everyone has to go through recovery at their own pace. It is impossible to say how long that will take without discussing certain things like the nature of the drug addiction, how long it has been going on and an individual's commitment to recovery. The best way to receive this in-depth level of advice is to schedule a consultation with our clinic.

During that appointment, we can discuss the situation and provide suggestions for the best type of rehabilitation program. We will also go over the requirements of the individual going through rehab.

Do I need to live at a facility?

No, we have alternative drug therapy treatments that do not involve patients having to live in a facility. This is very important for anyone who must continue to meet work or family obligations. Our solution allows for patients to maintain appearances and continue to function in society while making it possible to recover from a drug addiction.

Staying at home during treatment is the preferable choice of treatment by many people because of how discrete it is. Instead of worrying about facing judgment or ridicule from people who know that a person is in drug therapy, most people are completely unaware that the rehabilitation is taking place. Naturally, there will be signs of improvement down the road. During the detoxification phase, the negative side effects will be limited.

What happens after detox?

Detoxification is the big thing that most people discuss because it is the immediate way of getting off drugs. However, detox is only the very first step in the process. Afterward, patients need to learn how to make healthy choices and by doing so, avoid becoming addicted to drugs again.

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