Benefits of Concierge Addiction Medicine

Deciding to seek treatment is the first step, but now it is time to consider the benefits of concierge addiction medicine. Knowing that you need help, it comes down to determining the type of support that is going to make recovering from addiction as comfortable as possible. We understand that this is a challenging road and our goal is to make it as easy as possible by removing some of the barriers that may be in place to getting clean and sober.

For example, we remove the barrier created by requiring patients to check into a facility. We know that busy professionals and parents just do not have the time or luxury of that treatment option. Second, we remove the barriers caused by forcing patients to enter a strict and set program. What's left is a plan that is customized to an individual patient’s needs.

How does it work?

First, we meet with the patient to learn more about them, their health history and the challenges they are facing today. We then ask questions about a patient's lifestyle, schedule and what their obligations are. This information allows us to create a treatment plan that fits with their current schedule and demands of their busy lives. Part of that plan could be taking a prescription medication to ease or eliminate any symptoms associated with no longer taking drugs or drinking alcohol. That prescription, combined with individual attention and support, makes it significantly easier to break free from addiction and to remain free from addiction.

Benefits of concierge addiction medicine

When weighing the options, we ask patients to consider the benefits associated with this type of addiction medicine, which include:

  • A custom treatment plan based on a patient's lifestyle, availability, and goals
  • Empathetic and personalized support
  • Focus on long-term results
  • Ability to minimize or eliminate the negative symptoms associated with withdrawals
  • Ability to continue normal daily activities, virtually uninterrupted
  • Complete and total privacy and discretion
  • Recovery without the stigma associated with an addiction treatment

Best of all, no one will know

One of the main reasons that patients contact us for concierge addiction medicine is that they do not want anyone to know they are currently suffering from an addiction, or that they need help to get clean. Since our treatment is personalized and discreet, it is entirely possible to undergo therapy without anyone noticing.

You make choices about everything else in life. Why not make a choice about your addiction recovery?

Everything is customizable today from shirts to shoes to the type of cabinets installed during a kitchen remodel. Simultaneously, addiction recovery treatments have mostly stayed within a very small and narrow box. We have broken down this box to offer patients the ability to customize their treatment and to work with us to create a plan that is specific to their needs and their lifestyle. Now is the right time to get started and we encourage you to call our office to do so.

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