Options to Consider When Choosing a Drug Rehabilitation Center

Deciding to get help from a drug rehabilitation center is a good thing. This is the first step to starting a cleaner, more sober life. Now, it is time to decide which type of center is going to provide you with the kind of support you desire and the right environment to make your recovery as comfortable as possible.

There are options to choose from

Most people are unaware of all the possibilities. There are three main rehab centers to choose from.

#1 Residential rehabilitation center

These centers are where celebrities often go to get clean and sober. Patients check into the center and continue to live there throughout their treatment. How long they stay will be determined by the amount of progress that they make, and how quickly. Typically speaking, a patient could stay an average of one month to six weeks. The benefit of this type of center is that a patient can detox in privacy, receive medical care if necessary, attend supportive therapy sessions and be removed from life circumstances that could have led to their drug and alcohol use.

#2 Out-patient center

Some centers allow for patients to go home at night but still require showing up each day for care, supportive therapy sessions, and monitoring. These hybrid centers are often chosen by people who cannot afford to invest in a residential rehab center.

#3 Concierge care

Our rehabilitation center is focused on offering concierge care. We create customized treatment plans for patients that allow them to detox without the major withdrawal symptoms. This is done through the use of medication, whose dosage is closely monitored throughout the process. By taking away the biggest obstacle to detoxing, we empower our patients to focus on their recovery. Also, we provide patients with supportive therapy, but these sessions can be done one on one and do not require group participation unless a patient prefers this. The benefit to our treatment is that patients have more control over the process, benefit from complete privacy and discretion and still feel supported.

Things to consider when making a decision

Selecting the right drug rehabilitation center is crucial since it can directly impact the ability of a patient to get and stay sober. As such, there are a few things that should be considered as part of the decision process, including:

  • Available resources. How much does a patient have to spend on care?
  • Work commitments. Are their work obligations that make it impossible to take much time off?
  • Family obligations. Does the patient have family obligations that must be met, such as caring for children on the weekend?
  • Interest. Is a patient embarking on this journey due to their interest or is it required by the court or family members?

Our drug rehabilitation center is ideal for anyone who wants to continue working, caring for family members and saving money. It is not suitable for those who do not have an interest in getting sober but are being forced to try.

Learn more about our center

Are you are ready to get sober? Call us to discuss how we can help. When you enter our doors, your life can change for the better.

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