Drug Addiction Treatment for Moms

Drug Addiction TreatmentFew people think of moms when considering drug use. However, as a provider of drug addiction treatment, we understand that many women struggle with drug abuse. What can start out as innocent prescription painkillers can turn into a serious addiction over time. While there is a common misconception that women do not use drugs, this is definitely not true. There is another misconception that once someone becomes a parent, drug use tends to go away; this is not true. Rather than ignoring the problem, it is critical to treat it, especially for moms, since children are involved.

Daily commitments

It can be difficult for moms to undergo a traditional drug addiction treatment for several reasons:

  • Most people abusing drugs do not want anyone else to know they have a problem. While trying to keep drug use a secret is a natural response, it cannot stand in the way of recovery.
  • Taking time away from family obligations is not possible. Mothers tend to be the primary caregiver, whether working or not. Being unavailable for the family is not always an option.
  • Money is necessary to pay the bills. Taking time off work to do an in-patient treatment is not possible when a mom needs to work to pay the mortgage and utility bill.

With so many other obligations standing in the way of recovery, something has to give because remaining addicted to drugs or alcohol is not a viable solution either. While many women are good at hiding addiction and trying to maintain a normal lifestyle, addiction becomes more intense with time and must be treated before something catastrophic happens.

Convenient drug addiction treatment

We offer a more convenient solution. It is unreasonable to expect everyone struggling with an addiction to have the money or time necessary for inpatient treatment facilities. Without incredible family support, this is not an option for the majority of drug users. However, our solution is affordable and fits within our patients' current lifestyle.

We can provide medication that helps to control the craving for the addictive substance of choice. The medication helps to numb the cravings and prevent withdrawal symptoms from being too severe to deal with. These symptoms can include violent shaking, nausea, dizziness and terrible mood swings. In fact, while going through detox, patients can continue to go to work and take care of their family.

Moms who are concerned about privacy have an understandable perspective. After all, if drug addiction becomes known there is always a chance of having custody issues. Our treatment is entirely discreet because it is possible to come into the office and receive what you need without being admitted to an in-patient facility. Additionally, individual sessions are available to ensure complete and total privacy.

Treatment for your future

With no to little withdrawal symptoms, privacy and affordability, our drug addiction treatment is a popular solution among women and men. Our treatment allows patients to maintain their current lifestyle while simultaneously fighting their drug addiction. Getting off drugs is not an easy task. It takes hard work, dedication and support; traits that we can help people develop. To learn more about our treatment program, call today.

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