Visit a Substance Abuse Doctor After an Accident or Surgery Has Created an Addiction

Substance Abuse DoctorPeople may not realize that prescription pain medication is just as addictive as any other drug. In fact, following an accident or surgery, people may find it difficult to cease taking the prescription medication once the pain is no longer an issue. as a substance abuse doctor, we can help patients beat this problem and lead a life free of substance abuse.

Medication is addictive 

Prescription pain medication can be highly addictive. Most people begin taking them innocently enough because a doctor prescribes the medication to treat a problem. A problem that pain medication treats can include a broken bone, headaches, sprains or pain after surgery. One challenge that many people face when using prescription medication is that the body becomes adjusted to using it. Thus, the individual has difficulty ceasing use of the medication once the pain is no longer an issue. The body craves said medication.

In other cases, patients come to expect and enjoy the euphoric high that results from taking pain medication. Patients will also find that to maintain it, they must take additional pills on a daily basis beyond what is necessary to manage pain. Patients will then speak with a doctor claiming they need more to treat their issue and alleviate pain. Seeking and obtaining more prescription medication from a doctor is a common sign of substance abuse that only further perpetuates the cycle. To continue feeding the habit, some patients will even doctor shop. Doctor shopping involves going to several doctors at once to continue receiving the prescriptions they need.

There is no clear way to tell if someone will become addicted to a pain medication upon the initial prescription. One person may quickly develop an addiction to the medication, while another person will not suffer from an addiction at all. While ongoing research strives to learn more about this process, but, it is critical to be cautious prescribing anytime of pain medication. For those who have already crossed the bridge into addiction, the more pressing concern is how to treat that addiction and visiting a substance abuse doctor can help.

Treatment options

People can treat an addiction through several methods:

  • At home, alone and through will power (this rarely works)
  • Checking into an in-patient detox and treatment facility
  • Visiting a substance abuse doctor for outpatient care

We offer outpatient treatment options that work with our patients' busy lives. Drug addiction impacts people from all walks of life. It is naive to assume that people struggling with drug addiction are living off of their parents and have a high-partying lifestyle. In reality, most people struggling with addiction still continue to go to work and live productive lives. Although, the addiction strains their professional lives and relationships. With addiction, problems escalate until they rapidly get out of control. Acknowledging the addiction is the first step to fighting it. Our outpatient drug treatment can also help patients deal with their addiction before they cause irreparable damage to their family.

As a substance abuse doctor, we can prescribe medication as a way to reduce or eliminate the withdrawal symptoms while the patient goes through detox. The medication makes it possible to continue to go to work and meet daily obligations. Simultaneously, through one-on-one counseling sessions, we can help to create a plan to prevent addiction going forward. This may include changing your life circumstances to reduce stress, not spending time with specific people and more positive changes. We help patients to identify negative triggers and to create positive behaviors that can keep the desire to use at bay.

Learn more by calling our clinic and scheduling an appointment.

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